Spicy Tempo
Musician/Singer & Composer
Pop & Dance Music

Pop, Dance & Chill Out Music.
                   San Francisco Bay Area, California

"This piece of work is Super Smooth and puts me in a whole other zone.    I love this album! (Mirror of Dreams)"  -
Danny Def,  Music Producer and Artist,  New York, NY

"Great Song, Great Rhythm and Great overall album.  Love all these songs and I came across this one by accident....and I am really glad I gave it a Spin. Great Tunes for all kinds of moods. Very well composed album" -
David Wood, United Kingdom

'Mirror of Dreams', released in August 2014, is an impressive blend of pop, chill out and electronic dance music, all of which, Spicy Tempo has truly mastered with a skill and talent that allows him to comfortably crossover to different genres. Since the release of his first album ‘Cool Spice’ last year in 2013 he has managed to capture the attention of countless individuals from all over the world.

The world of music is truly a massive entity in which many talented artists and musicians exist who are not as well-known as their mainstream counterparts. Spicy Tempo puts not only his heart, but also his soul into his albums and he stands out brilliantly among the galaxy of music out today.  ‘Mirror of Dreams’ has an ethereal quality and is sure to reflect its gleam on all its listeners.

Spicy Tempo satisfies his listeners from beginning to end with an impressive dose of originality and captures the chill out essence to perfection. His ability to transport his audience to far away destinations and create a dreamlike atmosphere, make this artist a true stand out.

Review on JamSphere Indie Music Magazine by Rick Jamm, Journalist, Publicist and Indie Music Producer,  August 11, 2014

"Spicy Tempo is a musician and composer from the San Francisco Bay Area, who crafts his sound in the Pop, Dance, Electronic and Chill Out music genres.  His latest album ‘Mirror of Dreams’ was released this month and is the follow-up to 2013 debut album entitled, ‘Cool Spice’.

Unlike so many other EDM or Chill albums, ‘Mirror of Dreams’ keeps a delicate balance between melody, harmony and maintaining a consistent theme, not allowing the listener to become overwhelmed by a beat or by fading into ambient noise. Each melody feels tied together, like telling a story.

Spicy Tempo creates picturesque songs that all run together in a theme; they follow the same breezy, exhilarating nature.  While the sounds remain beautiful and entrancing -the tempos are of varying speed and intensity, willing to explore the nooks and crannies of each soundscape.

Coming in with 15 tracks and just under an hour of music, the creativity and interesting music patterns will make you listen twice over, straight in a row.   These songs are never boring.  They go places you never expect. They are beautiful and sometimes piercingly intense.  They are happy and up-tempo for the most part, but also emotionally compelling.

The songs really grow on you with its catchiness, its soothing textures, its engaging drum-work and subtle, yet powerful guitar and synth lines. Songs like “A Tribute To Love”, “Starlight”, “Galilee” and “Nostalgia” really depict the brilliance and beauty of this album.   If you have taste for the faster stuff then “Carnival”, “Soul Journey” and “Costa Del Sol” cannot be missed.

Beautiful, tranquil, yet often pulsating, Spicy Tempo’s melodies amalgamate with each other like an aggregation of ingredients in an exotic food recipe.  He has an uncanny ability to produce catchy melodic pop hooks in his songs, while the production is smooth, organic, and un-oppressive.

The world of music is so amazing; much lesser known artistes are so talented, so good and honest in their efforts yet don’t always get the due attention they deserve. After going through the entire ‘Mirror of Dreams’ album, this is exactly what I feel.

Every song in this album is worth praising.   It has beautiful melodies and cool arrangements that make it worth playing at home, at the office, in the car, and just to chill and let go!

‘Mirror of Dreams’ strikes a great balance between upbeat and laid back; I love listening to it from beginning to end.  I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!

Review on iTunes by A.M, San Francisco:

"This is a Really Fantastic Album, and I especially fell in love with Autumn Moon by Spicy Tempo.  I am very glad I came across this artist and I have bought other music from them in the past.  This album I think is one of their best and I just LOVE Autumn Moon as it is soothing and relaxing and I also use it for my meditation.  I can highly recommend this album"

Review on Amazon by I.H, San Francisco:

"This song (Carnivale) is a favorite of mine from Spicy Tempo's sophomore album! It's a beautiful example of the artists signature ethereal blends that so masterfully allow the instruments to enchant and harmonize creating a truly magical experience for the listener"

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